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Schweikher was born in Denver CO to a family of musicians. He originally trained at the University of Colorado for a year (1921–22) before marrying his wife. He moved with her to Chicago and studied at The Art Institute of Chicago while working for Lowe & Bollenbacher. After 2.5 years, he left to join David Adler and worked on the William McCormick Blair Estate in Lake Bluff IL.

He later studied at the Armour Institute of Technology before again transferring to, and receiving a degree from, the Yale School of Architecture. He returned to Chicago in 1930 and collaborated with George Fred Keck and Philip Maher. His works were included in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1933 and at the Century of Progress International Exposition. Schweikher joined Lamb and Elting in 1934.

In 1953, Schweikher was named chairman of the Yale School of Architecture. Five years later, he became head of the Carnegie School of Architecture. He retired in 1970 and moved to Sedona AZ where he opened a practice.  Bio adapted from Wikipedia.

Eliason, Charles W., Jr., House: Interior View

1932 - The Charles W. Eliason Jr. House. Unbuilt.

1937 - The Schweikher-Langsdorf House and Studio, 645 South Meacham Road, Schaumburg IL. The house features a masterful integration of brick, glass, and wood, situated on seven and a half acres with gardens designed by the noted landscape architect Franz Lipp. Among its many features, the iconic home includes a massive brick fireplace, passive solar room, cantilevered construction, exposed wood beams, built-in furniture, Japanese soaking tub, and Zen Garden.

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1939 - Glenview Cooperative Community (aka Redwood Village), Redwood Lane, Glenview IL.

1940 - The Lewis House, Park Ridge IL.

1940 - The S. W. Burda House, Mount Prospect IL.

1947 - The Donald Berg House, Glen Ellyn IL.

1948 - The Upton House, Scottsdale AZ. (later destroyed)

1949 - The Edward Herbert Bennett House, Hunting Country Road, Tryon NC.  On several hundred acres.  Project architect, Holland Brady.  Appeared in Architectural Record, May 1952.  Photos by Joseph Molitor.  Bennett lived there for over 40 years.  The blueprints of Bennett's home were donated by Holland Brady to the Ryerson and Burnham Archives at the Art Institute of Chicago in November 2004.  Sold to Loren Smith.

1950 - The Finch House, Paradise Valley AZ.

1950 - The R. Harring, Jr. House, Highland Park IL.

1954 - The Alfred A. Schiller House, Glen Ellyn IL. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1967 - The Craig Wright House, Fox Chapel PA.


1972 - The Paul Schweikher House, Sedona AZ.